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the first happened at a popular jewelry market around 6:54 p.m. local time. a minute later a blast shook a business district at 7:05 p.m. another bomb exploded in a crowded neighborhood. the government is asking everyone around that country to try and stay calm, and just a short time ago president obama condemned the terror attacks in mumbai. the city, of course, is still recovering from a terror attack just three years ago when 166 people were killed after ten militants launched back-to-back attacks at several locations, including two luxury hotels and a train station. joining me now by phone is nbc news terror analyst evan coleman. evan, let me get your reaction again to what's happened in mumbai. 17 people killed and 80 others injured, and the fatality number certainly could increase. >> yeah. i mean, so far the indian authority is pretty reluctant to name particular culprits, but it's very difficult to look beyond pakistan at this point. most of the terrorist attacks that take place in india, at
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least in this region of india, are traced back to pakistani groups or pakistani-sponsored group and one group coming to mash lashkare tayyiba. they have been traced back to pakistani militant groups. this is not particularly happening at a great time. you're seeing a lot of attention right now between the u.s. and pakistan, and if it's traced back to the same groups, that tension will only increase in a couple of days. >> i just learned from our producers, the associated press confirming 21 people dead as a result of the terror attacks. as i mentioned, president obama has condemned these attacks, and you brought up the key issue,
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responsibility, and if there's any links to pakistan at this very questionable time when we look at the relationship between the united states and pakistan, even including the removal or no longer giving pakistan that $800 million in aid. >> yeah. let's not forget, i mean, there are allegations out there, including allegations mounted by all three things the u.s. justice department that the 2008 attacks in mumbai were not only the work of pakistani militants associated with lashkar e tayyiba but carried out from individuals from within the pakistani intelligence series, the isi, again, very disturbing. you have to wonder is there any significance to the fact that these attacks are taking place right now when the isi is under a tremendous amount of pressure, both internally and externally from, you know, a variety of different forces, but either way it certainly is not going to help the situation. it's going to draw more attention to the problems that
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pakistan is facing. and what i'm most concerned about is that this is just going to raise the ire of pakistani nationalists who refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem with terrorism in the region works refuse to acknowledge the role pakistan is playing, and with an attack on india it's easy for these people to play this in a very nationalistic way. >> evan coleman, terrorist expert. thanks for your update on the situation in mumbai. now to our other top story, several big developments in the explosive hacking scandal threatening rupert murdoch's media empire. earlier today, news corp suddenly called off its $12 billion bid to take over british sky broadcasting, the largest satellite broadcaster and hours before parliament was scheduled to vote against that deal. also today, prime minister david cameron said he would look into allegations that 9/11 victims were targeted in the scandal and here at home, new york senator jay rockefeller wants the fbi to look into whether the scandal
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has crossed the pond. rockefeller and others want to know if news corp's papers have broken u.s. laws and spied on people here in the states. nbc's stephanie gosk joins us now from london. there was pressure for news corp to pull out of this deal, and they caved into the pressure here. >> reporter: british politicians are much like american politicians, don't agree on much, but came together over this issue. they felt that murdoch needed to back off of this deal, a multi-billion deal to acquire bskyb, the largest merger or acquisition for news corporation in its history. they came together. they were going to vote on this motion, and just hours before they did that, news corporation beat them to it, and they came out with the following statement. we can put it up there so you can see it, but basically what this statement says is they were backing out. they still believe that it is in the best interest of both of the
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companies to move forward, but because of the climate it's become impossible to do so. and the climate is the anger in this country over the allegations of phone hacking that went on at "news of the world" and how that has spread and how the allegations keep coming in, now spreading to other newspapers, and people really feel that news corporation needs it address this mess, in cameron's words, before thinking about mergers. tamron? >> as i mentioned, stephanie, senator rockefeller here in the states, he also, among others, want to know if this scandal has somehow reach the united states, if people here in this country were spied on unbeknownst to them. where does that stand at this point? >> well, it's important to point out, first, that there is no evidence of any criminal activity in the u.s., but that this stems from people looking at the case here in the uk seeing how widespread it was and wondering if there was illegal activity going on in the u.s. there is also this issue of police accepting bribes from
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reporters, and that could affect certain decisions, whether or not to go forward with investigations. i also want to address this issue of 9/11 victims having their phones hacked. this report came out days ago. it is very flimsy. it is a report in one of the tabloids here that, quote, an unnamed source who spoke to an unnamed former police officer who was asked to hack phones, but what's happened is you're seeing in this environment that everyone is responding and jumping on board, and there are concerns about murdoch, and i wouldn't be surprised if it does eventually lead to some sort of investigation in the u.s. because there will be so much political pressure to move forward. >> absolutely. thanks so much for the latest on what's happening there. president obama meets again with top congressional leaders in about two hours from now in an effort to break that stalemate over reducing the deficit and raising the federal debt limit, the fourth, if you're counting, fourth negotiating session in as many days as scheduled to start
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around 4:00 eastern time. >> the president has made clear that he's willing to accept measures that won't necessarily be popular with all democrats, and certainly we believe it is the responsibility of republicans to be leaders and to be willing to accept measures and compromises that won't be necessarily popular with all republicans. >> meantime, some very strong reaction from republicans. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell's offer, what he calls a last choice option in case no deal is reached by august 2nd deadline to raise the debt limit. now it would give -- this proposal would give president obama sweeping new powers to raise the debt limit on his own. here's what rachel maddow had to say on her show last night. >> after all of these months and weeks of fighting about it and republican is saying we won't do it, there's no way we will do it, you want to know what
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happened today? ding. nbc's luke russert joins us live on capitol hill. luke, you have some conservative writers who probably to their chagrin agree with rachel on the fact that they see this as a concession, including newt gingrich joining in as well that this offer from mitch mcconnell was basically giving up. >> yeah. i spoke a few house republicans today, and you have to remember, tamron, the house republicans are the group of individuals that are most blocking this deal, because so far there's nothing that they have been willing to accept on either side, and what one of them said to me today is, look, mitch mcconnell's plan would effectively take away all of our negotiating ability to garner any type of spending cuts. it allows president obama to raise the debt ceiling three times between now and the 2012 election and the only thing we get in return is there's bad political fallout of the president because he would be on the side of adding more debt to the economy and perhaps that could hurt him and hurt his
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party in the 2012 elections, but it doesn't do what we came here to washington to accomplish which is to cut trillions of dollars worth of spending. specifically, tamron, one member told me, look, this is mitch mcconnell's attempt to try to become senate majority leader because he wants senate democrats to have to vote three times before the 2012 election. democrats defending 23 seats, republicans only 8 before november 2012. dead on arrival in the house of representatives. speaker boehner called it a good job by mitch mcconnell in terms of a last-ditch plan but not something that the house gop leadership wants to bring forward. we're talking about this issue and it's going in all sorts of directions but the effect it will have on american people, the question of social security brought up. what would happen to social security checks if the u.s. government defaulted on august 2nd? take a listen to president barack obama. >> i cannot guarantee those checks go out on august 3rd if
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we haven't resolved that issue because there may not be the money in the coffers to do it. >> i think it's way too early to be making some types of veiled threats like that. >> reporter: and there you hear, tamron, from both sides. john boehner saying it's too early to make veiled threats against social and president obama saying possibly it could run out of money if the government were to default. did some research, not without historical precedence. in 1996 congress in fact in a similar situation instructed the treasury department on a bipartisan bill to pay out social security. i spoke to one sources who said if it were to go to a default, that would probably happen because both parties do not want social security checks to stop. as where we are in terms of reaching a grand deal right now, tamron, not really anything in terms of the trillions of dollars worth of cuts looking like it's on the horizon. i spoke to numerous sources from today, three weeks out, it looks like a small temporary deal is
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the only thing that is plausible if nokes really do not want the government to default by august 2nd. >> all right. thank you very much, luke. president obama's suggestion that social security recipients might not get their checks next month drew fire from minnesota congresswoman and republican presidential candidate michele bachmann. take a listen. >> we were all shocked and appalled that president obama dangled out in front of the cameras that senior citizens may not get their checks. that's a very dangerous statement to make. we don't believe -- excuse me. excuse me. we don't believe that for a moment. as we said, there are sufficient funds in the social security trust fund right now to make sure that they get checks. >> joining me now, democratic congressman robert andrews of new jersey, the highest ranking congressman on the house subcommittee for pensions. let me get your reaction to michele bachmann's criticism that the president could not say
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social security would be affected. >> what's dangerous and irresponsible for people like mrs. bachmann refusing to vote to have the country pay bills. i've seen a television ad where she said she will not vote to raise the debt ceiling. that is the ultimate irresponsibility. what we need to do is get the leaders of the parties in a room as they will at 4:00 today. find a reasonable combination of spending reductions and revenue increases, extend the debt ceiling and get people back to work in this country. for michele bachmann to be criticizing the president over this is the height of hypocrisy and arrogance, in my opinion. >> let me get your reaction as well to this last-ditch option or last choice option from senator mcconnell where the president basically would have the powers to raise the debt limit. as you well know, he's been criticized by conservatives and members of the tea party who say that they are giving up, that this is throwing in the towel here. what is your interpretation of
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this last choice option? >> look, we can't let the country go into default, so i wouldn't want to totally rule out any solution to this problem, but i think this is a really lousy solution to this problem. >> why? >> well, because is sent here to make this decision, and what senator mcconnell is really doing is say, yeah, let's let it happen, but let's be in a position to blame barack obama for making it happen rather than stepping up to the plate and doing our job. i just think it's the worst kind of cynical maneuver trying to get votes for the republicans in the election. >> does the house see this as a proposal that they would accept, this last choice, is it at least appealing to the president in some ways had? >> look, if it's a choice between having the country default and not pay its bills and this, i would reluctantly take this, but this is not the way to get this done.
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let's accept the president's very specific and serious spending cut proposals. let's have the very wealthy in this country finally pay their fair share of reducing this problem. let's cut the deficit and raise the debt ceiling and get the people of this country back to work. >> well, we will see what the next step brings. congressman robert andrew, thank you so much, and just a note to you, congressman. steve king of iowa will join us. her, along with congressman bogar have criticized. some say obese children should be taken from their parents and put in foster care. this has already happened. they have already lost custody. could more families be separated because of weight. how a suburb north of new york city has become the newest civil rights battleground, and this has to do with fair housing. plus, the supreme court agrees to settle a controversial
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privacy issue that has divided courts. should police be allowed to plant gps tracking devices on your car without a warrant? it is an invasion of privacy question, and we have details coming up with michael samkchae smerconish. [ male announcer ] this is larry... whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to six in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping.
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welcome back, everyone, to "newsnation." the u.s. supreme court is set to take up a controversial new fight over privacy rights. does the fbi need a search warrant to plant one of those tracking devices on a car. a california college student is suing the government after he found a gps under his vehicle. the fbi put it there, but they
2:19 pm
won't say why. the student's attorney calls it a frightening invasion of privacy but agents say there's no exception of privacy when a car is driven on a public street where it can be easily followed. >> i believe that this gps tracker device is no more intrusive than a physical surveillance on foot or in a vehicle. >> joining me now, nationally syndicated radio talk show host michael smerconish. you're also an attorney. what's your take on this? >> my take on this is it's more invasive than just following a car as police have a right to do without a warrant. i think when you actually place a gps tracking device on somebody's car, it takes it more into the realm of a search, and to protect individuals against unreasonable search and seizure in this country, law enforcement must first obtain a warrant, and i think that the handling in this case, the holding by the supreme court ultimately will be you need a warrant in order to do this. >> well, this will be something we've been planning to talk
2:20 pm
about for a while and also happens to be in "usa today." i want to read an excerpt from this op-ed. gps tracking by law enforcement has been confined to certain situations when officers have already identified suspects as the focus of their investigation. as i mentioned this, college student was not told why he was the focus of this investigation, only that, yes, it was the fbi who placed this gps on his vehicle. >> well, i'm supportive of law enforcement generally. i know that you are. >> yes. >> but i'm a believer of that trust by verify line that ronald reagan used to use in a case like this. it's so easy, tamron, in the technologically advanced world in which we live for law enforcement to track vehicles that i can see this getting out of hand in a hurry, and there's an alternative. the alternative is if you have probable cause make proper application to a court and a court will grant you the opportunity to track that
2:21 pm
vehicle. it's not a should they or shouldn't they? it's first thshould they first t permission. >> we know that with terkgy these questions arise and we'll what the supreme court says at least about not having a warrant with the gps devices. thank you, michael. good to see you. >> you, too. i was going to say like sexting, unexplored areas of the law and the court needs to set the parameters. >> thank you, michael. great pleasure. police make an arrest in the horrifying case. we've been talking about this all day. it's unimaginable. an 8-year-old little boy was murdered on his way home from his first day at summer camp. we're now learning chilling new details about the suspect and how police say this child encountered this individual. and in less than two hours, president obama goes back to the table to meet with congressional leaders in the ongoing stalemate surrounding the debt ceiling, but what's really at stake, and how will you be affected if the
2:22 pm
deadline -- well, if it comes and goes? we'll talk about it just ahead. >> time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. mark and jennifer bitterman were riding through france when they had a great meal and discovered that it was due to a special salt that was used. they brought back and sold it in their portland, oregon store the meadow. word of mouth brought in customers and famous chefs and an expansion to new york city. for more watch "your business" saturdays at 7:30 on msnbc.
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welcome back to "newsnation." researchers from harvard university are pushing for a controversial method to help trim the waist line of our nation's dangerously overweight children. in an article published just yesterday, they recommend that states remove extremely obese kids from their parent's home and place them into foster care to save them from severe health conditions, like diabetes, sleep apnea and even liver problems. i'm joined now by "time" magazine contributor bonnie rockman. this has actually happened. you spoke with a mom from greenville, south carolina. her 14-year-old child was 500 pounds and he was removed from her custody two years ago. >> hi, tamron. i actually did not spoke with
2:26 pm
her but an associated press reporter did. i included that because that's an example of one of the children that david ludwig, one of the harvard authors, is referring to. it's important to note that he's not talk iing about removing custody from a child that's chubby or even is considered obese. he's talking about children with serious and present health problems that could potentially cause death. >> you were right to point out it was the a.p. who did the interview. this parent said i was working two jobs so we wouldn't end up work living in the ghetto. he bought a lot of fast food. wound up living with her sister and lost 200 pounds. even though good has come out of it as far as losing weight. he said last week, mommy, i want to be back with you so bad. now this advocates separating these parents from their children. say, listen, if someone is malnutritioned or not given
2:27 pm
enough food, that is a form of neglect, and you would take a child out and this is just the other end of the pendulum here. >> right. now you're exactly right, and it's really easy to see -- to see both sides of the coin here. so david ludwig, a pediatrics professor at harvard, is arguing that in extreme cases where a child is sick because they are so overweight, they should be removed from the home because a parent is absolutely not able to help them. it's temporary measure. it is not something that -- he's not advocated that a child be adopted out, so it's extremely couldn't persian, as you might imagine. i spoke with a law professor at the university of michigan, a 2-year-old who has been obese has been removed from his home and is currently in foster care. now this attorney at the university of michigan is fighting to get him back together with his mother and
2:28 pm
grandmother. he argues that there are plenty of interventions that should take place before foster care should happen which incidentally is something david ludwig of harvard is also pressing for. however, at the university of michigan, they are simply saying that really foster care is never a good option. >> it is an incredible debate, and i think a suggestion that is unsettling, but when you look at it and you equate it to if you're not feeding a child enough, you know that that would certainly be instantly seen as neglect, so it is thought-provoking. bonnie, thank you very much for your time and your article. it's a great article. >> thank you. >> coming up, republicans try to save the traditional light bulbs saying upcoming restrictions are a government intrusion. did they succeed. plus "newsnation"'s gut check, why the yankees fan who returned derek jeter's historic home run ball could be hit with a bill of more than $10,000. th- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination
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okay. welcome back, everyone, to "newsnation." it's every parent's worst nightmare. an 8-year-old boy is walking home from summer camp when police say the stranger he turns to for help murders him. and debt ceiling breakdown as washington remains divided over how to solve america's debt crisis. we'll talk about how it could affect you. put it in real terms, real life terms here, and mila and now justin. after justin timberlake urged mila to accept a date with a soldier, the actor finds himself in a similar situation and the gop's attempt to repeal new light bulb standards fails, but why? debt talks are set to resume at the white house in about 90 minutes if you're counting, and president obama and top congressional leaders will hold their fourth session of talks in as many days. no progress was reported and in case no deal is reached by the august 2nd deadline to raise the debt limit, senator republican leader mitch mcconnell is offering a plan that would allow president obama to raise the
2:33 pm
debt limit himself. the plan has not been rejected by the white house and even house speaker john boehner said there needs to be a backup plan but it's been under fire from conservative republicans, including members of the tea party caucus. joining me now, republican congressman steve king of iowa. thank you so much, congressman, for joining me. >> thanks for having me on. >> appreciate it. in the first read, the political team puts it this way, a hail mary punt, enabling president obama and wall street to escape from default and more importantly provides an escape for speaker john boehner since he can't figure out which pledge to ask his members to break. what is your reaction to this proposal, and does it cover to speaker boehner from republicans like yourself who are not happy about what mitch mcconnell had to say? >> my first reaction is handing this over to president obama would be putting the fox in the hen house. he believes that franklin delano's roosevelt only failure is he failed to borrow and spend enough money. i wouldn't be willing to give
2:34 pm
the president that authority in order to get off this pressure cooker we're in. we need the pressure and brinksmanship, a point in history where we have an opportunity to actually make real progress on putting pieces in place to restrain this overspending and this government, and if we dodge it, if we step away from it and kick the can down the road, this moment may be lost, and it was lost in 1995, or we wouldn't be here today. >> if this president is the fox in the hen house, what were the republicans when they ran up the deficit, what were -- were they foxes then, sir? >> oh, i kind of know about that. in the middle of the iraq war, we had a deficit of 160 billion. now we have an obama deficit of 1.6 trillion, so maybe there are ten foxes in the hen house instead of one now. >> okay. what do you believe should be the next logical move here, especially with the perception that if this is a white flag, it's a white flag that helped the speaker, even as well as the administration, but also, again, the key point here is that it heaps speaker bainer who may be
2:35 pm
in trouble? >> well, you know, i introduced today, along with michele bachmann a piece of legislation that guarantees that our troops are paid on time every time and that we service our national debt. that would take about 15.2% of our incoming revenue, of the part that is not borrowed money. that needs to happen so that our troops and their families know that they are not going to be a political pawn, and it needs to happen also so that we maintain the full faith and credit of the american government in the global finances and in the domestic finances that we have. beyond that, i'll step up and say cut cap and balance. that's something that is very legitimate that i think has a reasonable chance of getting 218 votes in the house, and you couple that, at very minimum, first repeal obama care, but at a very minimum we don't need to be putting 23.6 billion into the implementation of that while the supreme court is waiting to make a decision that the president is delalg. there are lots of pieces to this. >> there are lots of pieces and
2:36 pm
one of them is the priorities for the republicans. is it really deficit and debt here. when you had the president with the $4 trillion deficit reduction on the table. the republicans said that they were not interested in this deal, so this is one of the observations that's out there is that the gop cares about low taxes and shrinking government and that the deficit and the debt are only a means to that end, that that is really not the priority that you and others are espousing. >> i can tell you that when i came to this congress eight and a half years ago one of the first things did i was went to the chairman of the budget committee and said where's my balanced budget? i've worked for a balanced budget all of these years, been an orange co-sponsor of a balanced budget constitutional amendment and voted against trillions of dollars of spending over that time. i think there are many members that stand where i do on this on the economic and fiscal side. we want a balanced budget and don't want to raise taxes and gill the goose that lays the golden egg and to the question of where are the jobs, behind
2:37 pm
that, is this question? where are the profits? businesses have to be able to at least anticipate profits before they can create jobs, and if you're going to punish their profits by taxing them, increasing taxes with 9.2% unemployment, it would be the wrong thing to do, so really where we're in now is the president has taken the keynesian tact and i'm anned a as smith free market economist, not a keynesian economist. he doesn't have any choices because his have all failed. we need to shift to the other side and go to a period of austerity and get our spending under control and shrink our government and then we'll be back to prosperity again. >> congressman king, thanks so much for joining us. happy to get you yesterday. thank you so much. >> sorry i missed you yesterday. >> thank you. exactly why should you care about the debt ceiling and what happens if we hit august 2nd at not reached a deal? "newsweek" reporter david graham just wrote everything you need to know. i think my favorite article so far this week, david. >> thank you.
2:38 pm
>> the first question and this is the simplest thing. you hear all this back and forth and rhetoric and sometimes quite honestly you don't know what's truth and what's not. >> sure. >> you say how is this going to affect me. that's one of the questions that you listed. how does it affect people at home? >> a couple ways it can affect people. if the government can't pay its bills interest rates for government borrow iing goes up meaning home mortgage loans can go up and it's arguably bad for the economy so if the u.s. credit rating goes down, all of a sudden we'll have companies that are less certain. representative king was talking about certainty for businesses. >> right. >> but certainly a question of where the economy is going is a certainty issue. >> if the issue is certainty you would logically increase the debt ceiling as we have time and time again. can the deadline be extended past august 2nd. we were originally told as you pointed out it was originally in may. >> there's ways to defer certain
2:39 pm
payments. treasury secretary geithner has been exploring ways to defer certain payments, put certain payments off and pay the most pressing things, bondholders and social security sooner. eventually they will run out of space but there's ways to get past august 2nd. >> so when congresswoman balkman says this is not a hard deadline, that this is a scare tactic, are they right? >> they may be partially right. there's a spot where we can't go any further and it may be coming soon. >> everything you need to know about the debt ceiling, several more questions listed there. thank you so much. >> thank you. horrifying discovery here in new york. an 8-year-old boy disappeared on monday while walking home from day camp and was found murdered this morning. the details are extremely, to say the least, disturbing and the story is heartbreaking. police say leibby kletzky was murdered and dismembered after turning to a stranger after he
2:40 pm
got lost. parts of his body were found in a suitcase after being tossed in a trash bin. other parts of his body were reportedly found inside the man or suspect's attic along with bloody knives. the man who lives there has been taken into custody. he's been identified as 35-year-old levi aron and the break in the case came when investigators focused on this grainy surveillance video that shows the boy with his backpack walking down the street with a man. >> it appears now that, as i said, he had no previous contact with the boy, did not know the family. the boy was lost. he was on the corner of 18th avenue and 44th street. that's when he first encountered the suspect. it looks on the film that it would be totally random. >> police say the 8-year-old has -- left his -- left his orthodox jewish neighborhood in brooklyn devastated.
2:41 pm
police are still questioning this suspect. coming up, a suburban new york community has become the center of what many are calling a new heated debate over housing segregation, and we'll have the details on that. but first there's a lot going on today, and here are some things we thought you should know. president obama has maced more than $47 million for his re-election campaign over the past three months. this is more than $10 million than all the republican candidates who had declared their second quarter earnings combined. the president's campaign team says more than 550,000 donors contributed and democrats could not stop the long familiar light bulb from becoming obsoleting. gop house members did not have enough votes last night to block new standards requiring bulbs to be more energy efficient. the new fluorescent bulbs will replace the old candescent ones starting in 2012. things we thought you should know.
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i'm martin bashir. coming up at the top of the hour, more on the deadly explosions in one of the world's lead iing economic centers: now back to tamron. one of the wealthiest counties in the united states is being accused of trying to keep poor minorities out or at least on the other side of the tracks. the county in question just north of new york city's westchester county and according to some it's becoming a major civil rights battleground after a lawsuit was filed by the anti-discrimination center. in many towns the average home price is more than $1 million. westchester is accused of defrauding the government by taking federal dollars meant to provide fair housing but not following through, and now some are calling for the obama administration to get involved
2:46 pm
in what is seen as a battle between the haves and the have-nots. a contributing writer at talks about it in an article called "segregation in the land of limousine liberals." the thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> take us back to the allegation that the county wanted federal dollars but didn't plan to build fair housing. >> reporter: municipalities all across the country, you know, get federal housing dollars and community development block grants and check a box saying we're working to further fair housing and for a long time it's been seen as, that checking a box, but what the anti-discrimination center did is, look, they haven't affirmatively furthered fair housing, took them to court and a judge agreed and in 2009 the county, federal government and civil rights activists signed an historic court order, a consent
2:47 pm
decree, requiring the count toe desegregate its housing. two years later, exclusive municipalities all around the country in civil rights activists had their eyes on westchester count to see if the obama administration and the courts will make westchester comply with the court order. so far as yet it doesn't seem like they have been from -- from my investigation. >> under that consent decree that you mentioned, they were proposing like 175 units for fair housing, including 100 that would have been financed by the year's end. why not comply? is this really about this wealthy, you know, community not wanting to provide fair housing? what is at the core here? >> they are supposed to build 750 units over the next few years. they have 150 proposed right now, and i went and visited two of the main sites. one, there are 46 units proposed for the very wealthy, very white village of larchmont and i went
2:48 pm
to visit the proposed site, and it was just 500 feet from the much more working class, much more didverse city of new rochelle next to a strip mall pinned against railroad tracks and i-95, completely separated from the rest of residential community. that's not decreasing segregation. that's maintaining the segregated status quo. i went to the proposed site in the city of rye where there are 18 units proposed. the rest of the super white, super wealthy city of rye is across two highways, and the site is just across the street from the working class latino, largely latino village of port chester so in both of these cases, you know, westchester is really making a mockery of the consent decree. >> but there's been a federal monitor put on this case and they said west chester is making
2:49 pm
progress under that consent decree so if the federal monitor is saying they are doing at least the right thing and making progress, why would the obama administration get involved? >> well, when i spoke to the monitor, he acknowledged that the sites were not ideal, and acknowledged my description of the sites that they were separated from the bulk of residential units in these towns. i'm not sure why he has refused to hold westchester to account. i mean, the obama administration actually already has gotten involved. they have joined westchester in opposing the anti-discrimination center's call, motion for the court to enforce the order, so they have got involved on the side of westchester against the civil rights advocates. >> it's an interesting article and thanks for coming on and talking with us about it. greatly appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> justin timberlake is the latest celebrity to be asked on a date by a soldier and customer
2:50 pm
outrage over netflix increasing what you pay. justin timberlake, will he start out? >> the marine corps ball is starting to sign like the white house correspondents dinner. just in case you missed, it want to refresh everybody's memory with the video that sparked this entire thing. take a look. >> hey, mila. sergeant moore but can you call me skompt want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball on november 18th in greenville, north carolina with yours truly, so take a second to think about it and get back to me. all right, bye now. >> oh, melt. >> so cute. >> corporal kelsey disantos, the only female stationed at the martial arts base in quantico has made a video, saying justin timberlake, i'm free for the
2:51 pm
marine corps ball. justin, want to call out my girl mila. i'm going to call you out and ask you to come to the ball with me on november 12th in washington, d.c., and if you can't go, i'll i have to say is "cry me a river." >> i think he's going to try the river if he tries to cross the six big guys. >> mila is not going. >> there's reports that she might have a scheduling conflict. she hasn't put out that statement quite yet, but there are grumblings that it might be difficult. two movies she's filming at the same time, so it could be difficult. still waiting to hear from justin timberlake. nevil its outrage. tons of it. netflix announce it would be changing its pricing structure. 7.99 for a streaming subscriber and same price if you want to be a regular dvd customer. if you want both, it will cost you that times two, no discount if you want to bundle the two services.
2:52 pm
netflix facebook page has more than 1.5 million fans. checked it before i came over here. more than 37,000 comments saying that they were upset with the service. 781 people liked that announcement, that netflix was going to change the price. what they really need to do is if you're going to charge more for these things, make sure they work well. my netflix streaming is not a good experience so make sure you have the product to back it up if you make people this angry >> i understand people are pretty steamed up about it. >> see what happens. for the very latest entertainment news, logon to we'll be right back. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates. and execute trades anywhere and anytime the inspiration hits you. even deposit checks right from your phone. just take a picture, hit deposit and you're done.
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open an account today and put schwab mobile to work for you.
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time now for the "newsnation" gut check file. no good deed goes unpunished. >> the 3-2. drilled deep to left field. going back joyce. looking up. >> it was a beauty. crack of the bat was yankee star
2:56 pm
captain derek jeter swinging into history saturday with his 3,000th hit. the fan who caught the ball, christian lopez, gave it back to jeter, but now the irs may make him pay for his kindness. the team was so grateful that lopez returned the ball, classy guy that he is, gave him luxury seats to 32 remaining home games which are worth about $73,000. tax experts say the irs could send lopez a tax bill for about $14,000 for the gifts, but lopez may be off the hook. early today cnbc reported that miller high life is offering to pay the tax bill if and when it comes in. great timing for this kid, but what does your gut tell you? should christian lopez be forced to pay taxes on the seats the yankees gave him for his good deed? go to to cast your vote. curious to hear what you say. my colleague martin bashir is up next.
2:57 pm
let's do this. look who's early! [ female announcer ] prepare to ace your dental check-up. fight plaque and gingivitis and invigorate your way to better check-ups. new crest pro-health invigorating clean rinse.
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